Customer acquisition, retention & analysis

Whether you are hotelier looking to develop a brand new loyalty programme from the ground up or looking to improve the performance and accountability of your exisiting loyalty programme, TouchPoint offers the people, technology and experience to meet your needs.

From loyalty to rewards to lifestyle solutions, at TouchPoint we focus on engaging each cardmember using a healthy mix of people and technology, keeping each cardmember feeling welcome, informed and valued - and most importantly - keeping them active.

We never offer cookie cutter solutions, we take a highly customized approach to each partner hotel's specific and unique requirements.
Outbound Call Centres
Quality Over Quantity 

TouchPoint Project Managers' core skills lay in outbound call centre operations - from sales training and development, after sales service, contact management - and importantly - PCI and privacy compliance. 

Detailed Tracking & Analysis
Micros & Infrasys Integration

TouchPoint's GENESYS™ technology platform sealessly interfaces with all leading POS systems, allowing you to scrutinize venue performance and customer spend activity (across a hotel or a region) in realtime.

Advanced CRM
& Communications
On Brand & On Time

We understand that intelligent customer engagement is critical. Our digital communications are interactive, on brand, on time and highly relevant - aligned with each member's preferences and historical activity.

Passion for Innovation  
No Boundaries

From stunning apps and immersive digital menus to interactive customer surveys and much more, our designers and developers offer limitless ways for your loyalty strategy to stay ahead of the pack. 

We understand information is power 

GENESYS™ is TouchPoint's proprietary technology platform that bridges the hotel POS environment with TouchPoint's centralized member processing and database relationship tables, providing exacting, dependable and highly secure management and analysis tools.
Database  Architecture
Highly Dependable Framework

TouchPoint leverages powerful SQL relationship database technology to drive all facets of our services.  

Data Management
Data Security is Paramount

Security of our hotel partners' data is critical and unconditional - SSL and TLS encyption, restricted IP access points and ISO27001 best practices across TouchPoint's data handling SOPs. 

Is your marketing partner compliant?

TouchPoint tightly complies with all prevailing regulatory requirements - specifically PCI and privacy. 

We Never Stop Evolving

TouchPoint technology is proprietary, built from the ground up by our engineers, fully customisable to each hotel's evolving data management, reporting and analytical needs.

If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it

Analysing accurate and timely performance data is key to ensuring your loyalty platform is delivering on its goals - by hotel, by restaurant and by transaction. By leveraging proprietary GENESYS™ software technology, TouchPoint's range of online reporting tools covers all facets of hotel loyalty operations in exacting detail.

TouchPoint's mobile friendly reporting suite allowing hoteliers to zoom in from a regional view down to each property, each restaurant, each member and each transaction. Reporting access can also be tiered, providing confidential access to specific information in line with corporate, management, divisional and front line requirements.

We look forward to showing you real examples of TouchPoint reporting.

Meet the senior team

Developing quality talent at all levels of the company is central to the TouchPoint operating culture, from our project managers, support staff, sales staff, designers and systems engineers - developing forward thinking people and building exciting long term careers.

At TouchPoint we're cultivating an expanding team of people who love what they do and who are excited about the future. Without bright minds and integrity, no amount of fancy systems and flashy software will count for much.

Matthew Arnold


Originally from Adelaide, Matthew entered the hotel loyalty business straight out of university, working across Asia for several leading hotel brands. Hong Kong is his home, where he is also the President of the hotel and travel industry group SKAL International.

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Craig Winnett

Managing Director

Craig also hails from Australia, bringing over two decades of hotel loyalty marketing experience to the TouchPoint business working with top hoteliers in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Craig's home base is at TouchPoint's regional office in Singapore. 

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Christine Sze

Group Financial Controller

Christine commenced with TouchPoint management in 2005 and oversees all financial aspects of TouchPoint's Asian operations. Christine has an intimate knowledge of the business and understands what is important to each hotel finance team. 

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Michael Ormiston

General Manager

Michael joins Touchpoint to engage day to day operations, and to broaden the company's range and scope of hotel loyalty solutions. Michael started his career in hotel loyalty in 1996 spanning Australia, India, Asia and Europe. 

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